Who is Playing in the Super Bowl 2014?


The Seattle Seahawks of the NFC will be facing the Denver Broncos of the AFC in Super Bowl XLVIII. 

Both teams when 13-3 in the regular season and posted some of the league's most impressive numbers. The Broncos put up a league best 606 points and the Seahawks allowed a league best 231 points. Those numbers might be hard to put into perspective, but let's make this simple. This year's Super Bowl is a clash of the league's best defense with the league's best offense — it's a match-up of the best offense in NFL history with the 10th best defense in its history. They say that offense wins games but defense wins championships — maybe this Sunday we'll find out once and for all.

Though their defense is phenomenal, one of the Seahawks' best options for offense is Marshawn Lynch, aka Beast Mode. Lynch has been with Seattle since 2010 and despite having a few career ups and downs, he's made the plays to stand apart from other running backs in the league. When Lynch goes Beast Mode, he's a hard man to stop.