How Bad Did Atlanta's Roads Get After 2 Inches of Snow? This GIF Sums Up the Gridlock


Atlanta had a rough start to the week. Just a couple of inches of snow caused major traffic jams and gridlock throughout the metropolitan area, leaving drivers stranded for hours.

Now, thanks to Google Maps and Reddit user Ian Harmon, we can see exactly how bad traffic was in Atlanta. Check it traffic in the city during the snowfall, in GIF form:

Source: Ian Harmon

The time lapse covers traffic conditions from early Wednesday morning (around 1 a.m.) through the day until Wednesday evening (around 8 p.m.). If you’re unfamiliar with Google Maps’ traffic displays, green means clear, yellow means congested and red means a jam. The darker red a road is, the worse the traffic. As you can see, Atlanta was horrendous for a solid portion of the day. 

So next time you want to complain about traffic in your city (looking at you Los Angeles), just keep this GIF in mind. 

(H/T to KnowMore)