Super Bowl Halftime Show 2014: Who is Bruno Mars?


Accompanied by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, singer-songwriter Bruno Mars will be headlining this year's Super Bowl halftime show. Fresh of his second Grammy win, the 29 year old performer is no stranger to taking the stage for a big performance. With numerous pops hit mixing a variety of styles and genres, it's likely Mars will appeal to most viewers, but don't be surprised if he's not able to pull the same numbers as past performers like Beyonce and Madonna

But less than stellar rating might not be the only thing Bruno will have to worry about on Sunday night. There's a rumor afoot that RHCP drummer/Will Ferrel body double Chad Smith could be looking to tackle Mars at some point. 

"My next guest is the guy you're gonna see, I believe, tackle Bruno Mars onstage," Fox Sports' Steve Gorman said on his show. "Is this true? They brought you in to tackle Bruno Mars in the open field?"

"Well, you know, he's pretty shifty," Smith said. "He's quick, he's small. But I'm big and strong."

Forget nip-slips — that would be good television.