Indiana Primary 2012 Results: Richard Mourdock Defeats Dick Lugar in Romp for Tea Party


Richard Mourdock, former State Treasurer, defeated six-term senator Richard Lugar in a race that was highly backed by Tea Party supporters. 

Throughout Indiana, there were many who were uncertain of how the race would turn out and unsure of who would nab the senate seat. However, in the last few days, it became clear that Lugar would be defeated with Mourdock eventually winning with nearly 61% of the vote. This was Lugar’s’ first head-to-head primary challenge, making the race all the more difficult for him. Those in Indiana came to realize that Lugar’s’ time in the Senate had come to an end, allowing a new Senator to take the reins and promote a more conservative approach.

RTV 6 Indianapolis reported that Lugar had no regrets about running for re-election, stating that it was “a momentum.” Lugar seems to have almost knew that it would be his last time running and he knew to give it his all. The race between Lugar and Mourdock was heated, with some outside groups spending more than $4 million in hopes of luring in voters. Some have pointed out that Mourdock will be the conservative face in the Indiana Senate, which is true in comparison to what some believed Lugar would continue to bring to Indiana.

Upon winning the primary, Mourdock began attacking Democrat Representative Joe Donnelly who is known to have strong ties to Obama. Mourdock, who is using this to his advantage, will face Donnelly in November in the general election.

Here in Indiana, there is a strong divide within the Republican Party. The race between Mourdock and Lugar is a prime example of that, as some have pointed towards the idea that Mourdock had ties to the Tea Party. 

Whatever side one is on, it appears as though the most conservative won out in this race. Indiana voters still respect Lugar for his time spent in the Senate and the work he has done over the years to help the growth of Indiana. Regardless of what one's views may be, it is clear that there is a relationship between what is the most feasible and best option for those involved. In this case, that option is choosing a candidate who believes in the conservative ideals which are most important to both the state of Indiana and this country.