Finally, A Super Bowl Ad Feminists Can Be Proud Of


After a Volkswagen advertisement airing during the Super Bowl suggested that female engineers pretty much don't exist, many were anxiously awaiting GoldieBlox to kick everyone's sexist butts. And boy did they deliver!

The toy company, who's primary mission is to get more girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), landed their Super Bowl spot through a contest organized by Intuit this summer. They beat out more than 15,000 other companies, becoming the first small business to ever advertise during the Super Bowl. Their entry for the contest went absolutely viral this summer with a video teaching girls to aspire to be more than just princesses. That clip got millions of views, but something tells me their Super Bowl ad will get even more.

Reactions to Goldie Blox are mixed online. Most couldn't be happier that an ad with such an overtly feminist message could air during a show that is notoriously filled with sexist advertising. Others believe that no one should be telling girls what they should and shouldn't play with. We can surely be critical of dolls and poneys without shaming girls for liking these toys? Then again, maybe it's time we finally stop being so disproportionally critical of women's work. This ad marks an important moment in Super Bowl history and we should all be uniting to celebrate that success instead of trying to pick it apart.

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