Beyoncé Fans, Check Out This New York Restaurant's Epic Bey–Themed Valentine's Day Menu

Beyoncé Fever, a sweeping and serious global condition, might have just reached new heights. This Valentine's Day, a few lucky Bey fanatics will get the chance to take their love of the pop star to the next level and sit down to what may be the world's first Beyoncé–inspired meal.

Brucie, an Italian–American restaurant in Brooklyn, just released its Valentine's Day menu, and it's glorious.

Diners can start their meals with "Blue Ivy" (smoked blue potatoes, chiriboga blue, trout roe, watercress), follow it up with "Halo" (angel hair pasta with truffle) or go big with "Breastiny's Child" (veal breast braciole with sopresatta). That combination would run you about $70 — without tip — but, hey, that's the price of being a part of pop culture history.

Admittedly, some of the dishes' titles might stretch the theme a bit. Want a side of Brussels sprouts? Ask your server for the "Diva is a Female Version of a Brusstla." And there's some low–hanging fruit from the "Oysters Rocafella" to the "Chedda" (that's a cheese plate, FYI).

Food puns aside, the menu sounds delicious. Brucie has been named a Critic's Choice by New York Magazine, which said the trendy joint "brings Italian–American favorites to life with contemporary twists." For big–time Bey fans, it'll be an irreplaceable experience, so start the countdown to V-Day now.