24 Brief Thoughts About the Bill Nye Creationism Debate



1. Many wondered — myself included — about the value of even debating this issue.

2. But Bill made it all worth it ...

3. ... And supporters were confident enough to declare an early victory.

4. But the Billiebers quickly became alarmed when Ken Ham revealed his brilliant debate strategy.

5. ... and oddly enough it seemed to work.

6. #TeamNye looked in trouble when an editor of Nature revealed his doubts ...

7. ... But then Bill came back with this popular zinger!

8. And soon the audience started to doubt the quality of Ham’s slides.

9. Bill then got controversial ...

10. ... even questioning the ark theory. Many people quickly came to Ham’s defense.

11. The debate was succesful in arousing strong emotions.

12. And kept many people entertained for hours.

13. Excited audience members even began to anticipate the next round ...

14. And suggest future match-ups ...

15. Things looked definitive when Bill supported his claims with all sorts of awesome scientific evidence ...

16. ... And Ken just answered every question with: “There’s a book…”

17. Which was very unconvincing to the internet audience.

18. Like, WTF, Ken?

19. This question was the final blow ...

20. ... And many declared Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' the winner.

21. Though some reminded us that his performance wasn't perfect.

22. And some even had a more sobering analysis.

23. Still, Bill seemed happy with how it went.

24. Bill's success may lead to even bigger debates in future!

(Well, one can hope!)