Who Has the Most Golds? Sochi Olympics 2014 Medal Map

Obviously we don't have any medal updates yet, but by Saturday, Feb. 8, watch out for the medal tallies when several events start having their final heats. 

That said, there are definitely some favorites to watch out for. In Winter Olympic history, the top-10 all-time medal collectors are, from number 1 to 10: Norway, USA, Austria, Soviet Union, Germany, Finland, Canada, Sweden Switzerland and East Germany. Of course, two of those countries don't exist any more, but this should still give you a pretty good sense of where many of the medals will likely end up. 

For specific sports, Canada is currently the top pick for Men's Hockey with 2-1 odds and Russia's next at 9-4, but some are saying that Sweden might be the most threatening contender. And in the highly anticipated singles figure skating, South Korea's Yuna Kim is the gold-medal favorite on the woman's side, while Canada's Patrick Chan is the top hopeful among the men with staggering 1-2 odds. And in case you're wondering, the Jamaican bobsled team's odds for victory are currently pegged at 500-1