Wait, What Exactly is Obama Doing About Gay Marriage?


When I saw all the headlines on Wednesday that President Obama came out in support of gay marriage, I thought there was going to be more to it than that.

Was he going to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act? Or legalize same-sex marriage across the country? No, he just thinks gays should be able to marry. 

And gay rights supporters are celebrating now? About what?

Yes, Obama is now the first president in U.S. history to come out in support of gay marriage. There’s no doubt he was asked this in response to Vice President Biden’s comments on Sunday. Maybe Obama happened to see this week’s Gallup poll which shows 50% of Americans now support gay marriage and thought he might as well agree.

But the liberal media was so quick to cause a firestorm with that one comment, it completely neglected to ask the critical follow up, “So what will you do about it?”

The answer is … nothing.

In fact, his aides say he doesn’t plan to pursue any new U.S. policy on gay marriage and believes that states should decide the issue on their own. How exactly is this different from the status quo?

When Obama is in campaign mode, he displays a very slick skill. He’s mastered the art of making it look like he said “something” without really saying anything. I saw it in 2008 and he’s only gotten better at it.

Will the LGBT community and gay rights supporters really be satisfied with the President just paying same-sex marriage lip service? I doubt they will be happy for long. Giving your opinion is not the same as changing the law for equal rights.

One other thing. The left loves to paint Romney as a “flip-flopper.” Obama was against same-sex marriage as a candidate in 2008, clearly defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Does this now make Obama a flip-flopper too? Oh no. He “evolved” his stance on gay marriage.

Ah, I see. So when a Democrat does it, it’s “evolution.” When a Republican does it, it’s “flip-flopping.” Nice. 

So Obama will get credit for maintaining the status quo, changing his mind on what he thought, and saying something should change which he won’t do anything about personally. And his supporters love him for it.

What a campaigner. Take notes, future office seekers. You’re learning from the master here.