22 Behind-the-Scene Instagram Photos From Team USA You Won't See on TV

It's officially Olympics season in Sochi. Since Russia is nine hours ahead, the Winter 2014 Olympic Games have already celebrated their opening ceremonies in Fisht Olympic Stadium, and it looks like a doozie. Plenty of U.S. Olympians have posted pictures of themselves and their teammates on Instagram getting ready for the ceremony, walking to the stadium and having an all-around awesome time. 

(Just a head's up: numbers 14 and 21 might be slightly spoiler-y, but they should give you a tantalizing glimpse of what Sochi has planned for their big event.

1. Jayson Terdiman, luge

2. Travis Ganong, skier

3. Adrian Kelly, luge

4. Julia Mancuso, skier

5. Alex Shibutani, figure skater

6. Steven Nyman, skier

7. Shaun White, snowboarder

8. Danny Davis, snowboarder

9. Julia Mancuso ... again

10. Monique Lamoureux, hockey

11. Lolo Jones, bobsled

12. Justin Reiter, skier

13. Keri Herman, skier

14. Hannah Teter, snowboarder

15. Jordan Malone, speed skater

16. Hilary Knight, hockey

17. Lindsey Jacob Ellis, snowboarder

18. More Julia Mancuso (she's just killing it out there)

19. Jason Brown, figure skater

20. Jazmine Fenlater, bobsled

21. Justin Reiter, skier

22. Gus Kenworthy, skier