12 Ridiculously Photogenic Olympic Athletes (and Teams)

The 2014 Sochi Olympic games are underway, but some of us are not too interested in the sports themselves. But for the more superficial among us, the games have plenty of eye candy. Not only are athletes likes Maria Sharapova (above) talented and physically astounding, they also happen to be rather photogenic. Here are 12 of the most attractive athletes and teams at this year's Olympics:

1. Mark Tuitert (The Netherlands/Speed skating)

2. Marvin Dixon (Jamaica/Bobsled)

3. Panagiota Tsakiri (Greece/Cross country skiing)

4. Yohan Goutt Goncalves (East Timor/Alpine Skiing)


5. Hubertus von Hohenlohe (Mexico/Alpine skiing)

6. Conor Lyne (Ireland/Alpine skiing)

7. Jason Lamy Chappuis (France/Cross country skiing)

8. Simon Ammann (Switzerland/Ski jumping)

9. Team USA

10. Team Russia

11. Team Spain

12. Team Germany