Check Out These Incredible Guitars, Created on a 3D Printer


The idea of "printing out" a guitar certainly wasn't something that Les Paul or Leo Fender would've ever imagined when they began building the instrument years ago. But the New Zealand company ODD Guitars is using SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) printing to make guitars that really play.

Image Credit: ODD Guitars

The guitars are made by laying nylon powder on top of adhesive. They aren't all nylon though — each guitar has a wooden core of either mahogany or maple that connects to the neck and the bridge. After the powder goes onto the body, the guitar is basically excavated from mountains of powder. And then the shredding ensues.

Image Credit: ODD Guitars

While all the guitars made from this process are astonishing, there's one in particular that stands out: The Americana 3-D printed guitar. It is emblazoned with the American flag and features miniature replicas of the New York City skyline on the inside (look for the Freedom tower, the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge especially). It also features an airbrushed Eagle head from local New Zealand artist Ron van Dam. It is pretty much the most American thing ever, made by a New Zealand 3-D printed guitar company no less.

What's even more amazing is that these guitars actually sound incredible, too. And they're pretty easily customizable. Check them out below: