This Mother's Day, Allen Wranglers' Terrell Owens Talks Child Support on 'Dr. Phil' [+Video]


Tuesday afternoon, football star Terrell Owens' shiny little bubble was burst wide open when he appeared on the Dr. Phil show. What started out as a nice, easy-going interview turned into a complete nightmare for the running back when Dr. Phil brought out not one, not two, but three of the four women Owens has children with. 

All three women said that Owens is behind in child support and very rarely if ever has contact with the children. Owens even admitted that he couldn't remember the last time he saw them. Now, I know I'm still in the early years of this parenting thing being that my daughter just turned five in January, but I thought that being a parent was supposed to be your first and most important job.

Apparently there's a clause in the unspoken “Guide to Successful Parenting” about exploiting and ignoring your children that I missed, but Terrell Owens and other "award-winning" parents somehow made sure they highlighted. 

The mother of Owens' oldest son, Monique, said that even though the pregnancy was unexpected, Owens willingly increased the child support from $6,000 to $8,000 to $10,000 to $12,000. She also said how he used to make appearances with his son in hopes of boosting his image. 

In the case of the other two little girls by Kimber and Melanie, the women state that he's never there physically, emotionally, or financially. No birthdays, no holidays, nothing. As you can guess, every excuse that Owens came with for the various allegations were so full of crap that I smelled it through the computer screen. As sad as it is to see a man, whose father was crap to them, being crap to their kids, it's also sad to see a man lead a double life forcing kids into a world of confusion that they don't need.

Recently, successful film director Antoine Fuqua's skeletons started falling out of his closet. For years, Fuqua had been leading a double-life like some others who share the spotlight. On one hand, he's the devout family man with wife, Lela Rochon, and their two children, Asia and Brando. He even has a son, Zach Fuqua, from a relationship before Rocha that is a part of the family. 

On the other hand, Fuqua has extra marital affairs where some have resulted in pregnancy. According to one woman, Fuqua urged her to have an abortion which she eventually agreed to. However, real estate agent, Ruth Jimenez, decided to keep their son, seven year old Roman Adonis Jimenez. 

Though Fuqua does not deny that he's Roman's father, he does absolutely nothing for him. It's reported that Christmas 2008, Jimenez contacted Fuqua's business manager Steve Callas in hopes of getting in touch with Fuqua after her personal attempt had failed. Jimenez stated that she only made efforts to contact him to see if he could provide Christmas for Roman that year. Jimenez was told by Callas that Fuqua was on a lavish Costa Rican vacation. When she demanded to speak with Fuqua, Callas wired a small amount of money into her bank account. Dare I say hush money?

If it's been proven that a child truly needs both a mother and a father to have a better chance at becoming productive individuals, why so some people think that they are somehow exempt from that equation? Everyone wants their kids to grow up and make them proud but not all want to take the time it takes to help mold that life. How good are you going to look as a parent if your child makes it known that you only pretended to be a devout parent? The sooner all parents truly realize that they are raising the future, the closer we'll be to having a productive future.