Don't Wait Until Mothers Day 2012 to Tell Your Mom You Love Her


On Thursday, PolicyMic editor Elena Sheppard published a charming list of what some real mothers really want for Mothers’ Day – along with the admonishment not to “mess up” gift giving this year.

As a retail worker; I am here to affirm that there will be a whole lot of messing up committed by the crowds of men and boys roaming the stores on Saturday and exuding an atmosphere of subdued panic. Some of my fellow associates – the competitive ones who go for the Golden Nametag Award every year – cruise the sales floor like sharks on days like Saturday. They are specifically looking for these guys to prey upon; to load them up with as many color-coordinated items and accessories as they can stuff into bags and boxes, in order to run up their daily totals (and to present the perfect opportunity to offer “an additional 15% off the total amount…just for opening a charge account with us today, sir!”).

Clothing, housewares, jewelry – both fine and costume – and accessories are all fair game for this amusing little dance. Of course, as time runs out more and more men resort to gift cards…which at least have the virtue of not being returned on Monday.

And then there’s the line at gift wrap! OMG! No man knows how to wrap a gift decently … and the majority of them resent having to pay somebody to do it for them; judging from the way tempers tend to flare when the nice ladies at the window explain that there’s a fee for the service nowadays, but they will happily offer you a box and a pre-fluffed bow so you can package your purchase yourself.

Why do you put yourself and your mom through this every year? Why do you insist on suffering? To a mother; the women in Elena’s article said they would prefer to rest; to have peace and quiet on Mothers’ Day; to be told they’re appreciated by their children … to be given peace of mind. What a wonderful gift to give your mothers! Call them up – NOW – not on Sunday when all the satellites are busy!

The words, “I love you, Mom” in your voice – in person with a warm hug, if possible – but on the telephone if necessary, will be the very best and most appreciated gift you will ever give your mother.