3 Reasons Why We Love 'The Avengers'


After only two weekends, The Avengers has already hit the $1 billion mark. The movie had originally notched the biggest U.S. debut ever in its opening weekend. By May 6, two weekends after its global release, it had already earned $654.8 million.  

But what are the primary reasons superhero movies are so exciting for us? What do they tap into that makes the audience like them so much?

1) There are a number of psychological reasons for the popularity of superhero movies. Experts point to the genre’s escapism as the primary reason why we want to watch superhero movies. We can relax and forget our everyday problems. Moreover, superheroes are like role models many people want to live up to: a viewer likes the idea of saving others, being brave and popular, and fighting against the evil. Superheroes incorporate the idea of justice, loyalty, truth, and power and these are all things we as an audience give great value to in society.

2) Superhero movies also offer broad appeal to audiences. Superhero movies have evolved and changed to fit the interests of today's audience, and to meet new fads in pop culture. Today you can notice that there is often a female superhero included in the story, and that it's even not all about action anymore. Plot lines include romance scenes to fit the taste of women. And action movies like The Avengers naturally use the newest technology to really entertain their audience with 3D. Graphic scenes of violence in today's super hero movies are low which means even small kids are allowed to watch them.

3) So this leads to the third reason why superhero movies are so popular. Because kids start collecting superhero figures very early in their life; children are able to deeply connect with the fantasy nature of super hero movies.

Superhero films offer something for everybody's taste, so the whole family can make a trip to the cinema.