Google’s 9 New Projects Prove 2014 Is the Year For Social Entrepreneurship


With the recent acquisitions of robotics companies, the world is wondering what Google has in store for the future. We have gotten some hints, and have a good sense of what the company is working on — secretively or not — this year.

It turns out, Google is very focused on a social entrepreneurship-like culture with many of its current projects in health care and global tech development.

As our world becomes more interconnected, companies need to follow in Google’s footsteps to show that they’re motivated by more than merely money. What do they have to offer that will leave the world in better shape?

Google is doing just this. Take a look at the list of projects that company is working on developing this year.

1. Getting the developing world online

Google serves 25% of the internet traffic for those in North America and to gain more customers, the company knows it needs to get to the rest of the world. Currently, only one-third of the world is online.

2. Project Link, long-distance fiber lines for developing countries

To get developing countries online, Google is installing a fiber optic backbone for entire cities, starting with Kampala, Uganda.

3. Project Loon, a balloon-based mesh network

4. Home automation, which includes smart thermostats to app-controlled LED lights

5. Smart contact lenses for diabetics

6. Calico, a project dedicated to "the challenge of aging and associated diseases"

7. Robotics to basically build a human brain


8. Self-driving cars