This North Carolina School Just Canceled Classes The Coolest Way Possible

When students of North Carolina's Durham Academy visited the school's website on Thursday, they were greeted by a relatively simple and straightforward notice that school would be cancelled due to inclement weather. 

But if students clicked on a link to view Head of School Michael Ulku-Steiner and Assistant Head of School/Upper School Director Lee Hark's announcement of the cancellation, they were in for a real treat. 

Like many other students across the country, my school cancellation announcements came in the form of phone-chains or occasionally poorly put-together PowerPoint slides on the local cable access channel — and they were pretty lame (although how bad can something really be when it tells you school is cancelled?). 

Though the South tends to react a bit more urgently to snow warnings than other parts of the country, there is an official storm warning for central North Carolina with warnings of freezing rain and snow and ice accumulation.

"Very Dangerous wintry weather will continue across central North Carolina today. Travel will remain extremely dangerous. And residents are strongly encouraged to stay home."

In other words: "No school there's ... ice ice baby"