Non-Tech Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation This Mothers Day


With Mother’s Day approaching, many are searching for the perfect gift idea to show their appreciation. 

It is no secret that moms are well aware of the power of social media (are you and mom Facebook friends yet?) and while they may not understand the phenomenon as well as their kids, they are willing to learn. 

In a tech-oriented society, it only seems logical that one would give one's mother a tech device such as an iPhone or iPad. Are tech related gifts really the only option though? Technology is no doubt growing and everyone is embracing it, but it is important to take the time to show your mother you really care on her special day.

There is no ignoring the fact that moms today are using social media, in fact they are embracing it. There are hundreds of mom bloggers out there who spend time online sharing their life with the world. However, moms work hard to make sure that their children are happy. That's why, whether you are young or old, make sure that you take the time to tell your mother that she is a great person. 

While every family has their own problems, mothers are usually understanding and compassionate. Give them back the same love this Mother’s Day. This does not mean that you don’t have to get them a tech gift, but also flowers and a heartfelt card mean a lot to mothers who take pride in their families. 

Here are some other ideas, besides tech devices, which will show your appreciation this Mother's Day:

1. Laughter: Don’t forget that your mother is always stressed out. Whether she is a workaholic or just a stay at home busy mom, mothers are vastly underestimated when it comes to their level of management. They do a lot. Take the time to make her laugh with light humor or memories which make everyone smile.

2. Patience: Take the time to actually listen to her. Most of you may say that you already do this, but do you really? Show your mother that you really do care and listen to her when she speaks, giving her the utmost amount of patience.

3. Discussion: While this can fuel some arguments, a healthy debate never hurt anyone. Talk about life, family, goals, and anything else that is worthy of a long conversation. You never know, you may discover that you and your mother have something in common.

4. Creativity: Show your mother that you can do something with your life and create something which shows your unique talents. Whether you are a graphic designer, writer, teacher, or just a student take the time to put a smile on your mother’s face by being creative.

5. Family time: Don’t forget to show her that her family does care about her. Do something fun with her to make her happy to be a part of the family.

Recent data has shown that nearly 50% of cell phone users are mothers. While this information pales in comparison to how many mothers are actually on social media, it should not sway one from doing one's best to give mom something meaningful: love.

Whatever your plans for this Sunday are, be hopeful that your mother will be accepting of your thoughtful gestures and happy to have you as part of her life.