Ron Paul Is a Threat to the GOP Old Guard, Whether They Admit it Or Not


While Mitt Romney is freaking out, plenty of the GOP old guard are remaining calm. They have seen many political movements come and go in short blasts, and when that movement runs out of energy, the old guard always comes back. 

That's what they're saying about Ron Paul's movement. The "Paulistas" will come with much flourish but will fade away over the upcoming months. They lack discipline and vision. The only thing they support is Ron Paul. The only thing that unites them is Ron Paul. They hate being part of a group like the GOP, and doing Republican things, whereas old guard Republicans love doing Republican things – singing "God Bless America" together, planning Lincoln Day dinners, knocking on doors. Slow and steady wins the race. 

Many calm voices in the GOP old guard are saying exactly that. They believe they can patiently outwait the "liberty movement.”

Will Paul supporters just fade away? Only time will tell. 

But in the meantime, Mitt Romney really is freaking out. He doesn't have the luxury of time right now. He, as the media proclaimed presumptive front runner, is now watching his chances dashed by an organized group of political activists – Ron Paul's supporters. 

In state after state, apparently with little assistance or organization from the official campaign, Ron Paul supporters are taking over the GOP and taking Romney's delegates with them. Aggressively rebuffed four years ago, they went home, did their homework, got involved in the Republican Party, and have now returned in full force with their latest recruits.

Will Ron Paul supporters tire out and go home? I don't know, but both Romney and the old guard seem to welcome that happening.