A Forensic Artist Has Re-Created a Face For Crystal Head Vodka

Do you ever look at one of those classroom skeletons and wonder what that person might look like with muscles and skin? Well, that's kind of what Scottish forensic artist Nigel Cockerton thought when he decided to take an empty bottle of Crystal Head Vodka and try to turn it back into a normal face. 

Cockerton then shared the very cool images with CHV, which posted them on their Facebook page.

Obviously Cockerton had some creative license, but he was very meticulous and faithful to science, carefully replacing layers of muscle and cartilage to reveal the face of what looks like a drunken fool — how fitting for a bottle of liquor.

Props to both Cockerton for his excellent work and Crystal Head Vodka for having a bottle that, when skin is reapplied, actually looks like a person. Good work all around. 

All Image Credit: CHV Facebook