Ron Paul Supporters Chased by Mitt Romney at Oklahoma Republican State Convention


In what is an unorthodox turn of events, the Oklahoma Republican Convention has reconvened in the parking lot of the Embassy Suites in Norman, Okla. The state convention was held today inside the Embassy Suites with party officials calling for an adjournment at or around 5 p.m. 

From early in the day, old guard Republicans refused to conduct the official meeting according to established Republican Party rules. Party officials adjourned the convention without concluding scheduled party business and without the support of the delegates in attendance. Under parliamentary procedure, the chairman presiding over the meeting is present to keep order as opposed to leading the meeting according to a personal agenda. 

Several hundred Oklahoma Republican delegates reconvened the meeting outside of the hotel in accordance with Republican Party rules. At time of publication, the meeting continued outside in the parking lot under darkening skies. 

The meeting appears to have remained relatively calm despite predictions from the now suspended Santorum campaign that "[At the Oklahoma Republican State Convention, this Saturday] there will assuredly be a passionate struggle for control of the convention, the national delegation, and the party's future."

A likely Ron Paul supporter commented, "I'm amazed at the level of composure, civility, and organization among these people in the parking lot."

In what has grown into a contentious race, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's campaign has resorted to tricks that are not usually used by a presumptive front runner against other members of his party.

The Oklahoma State Convention was scheduled to choose another 25 delegates to the Republican National Convention today. Of the delegates chosen to date, approximately 60% are supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul. 

Over the past few weeks, Romney's campaign has suffered great losses in the face of a surging Paul campaign. The Romney campaign's aggressive reaction to Paul's recent success suggests the Texas Congressman is doing better than most in the media had initially realized. Republican delegates will meet August 27 in Tampa, Florida to choose a nominee.  If Romney's campaign cannot recover, it risks losing the Republican nomination.