Millennials Have the Power to Determine the Winner of the 2012 Presidential Elections


Millennials, you can select the next President of the United States. Or at least you can if you decide to act, and act now. Is your voice being heard in the current presidential race? Are either of the major candidates representing the issues which matter most to you?

If your answer is yes, congratulations. For the rest of us, we still have a decision to make. Will you invest your valuable time to actually ensure that your ideals, your concerns for the future, your vision of what America’s future should be, are all represented in the upcomingpresidential debate?

Whether you realized it or not, the website Americans Elect is finalizing their candidate nominating process. Whether you realized it or not, their top Declared Candidate (Buddy Roemer) has only tallied 5,635 votes of support. The second leading candidate (Rocky Anderson) has 3,169 votes of support. Their third leading candidate (Michaelene Risley) has just 2,182 votes of support.

Millennials who read PolicyMic on a daily basis, let alone throughout a typical week, have the power to support a candidate who Americans Elect 2012 can place on the ballot in the majority of the states in the union.

In today’s social media environment, millennials could do in days what it has taken Governor Romney years, and tens of millions of dollars to achieve; secure a place on the 2012 presidential ballot with an opportunity to win the White House.

Before I am lambasted for a call to insight rebellion against those already positioned to compete for potus, let me ask you one simple question:Shouldn't the person chosen to lead the nation be determined by bby their stance on the issues and not on who has the largest pulpit or most substantial election campaign war chest?

Millennials could force their issues onto the national battle lines by nominating a candidate representing their concerns. A third candidate, chosen by millennials, who was socially to the left of center, yet fiscally right of center would attract the energy and support of tens of millions. Compromise was once recognized as the lynch pin in the art of effectively governing a democracy. The ability to compromise remains polled as one of the most valued characteristic of independent voters.

If nothing else, the voice of a third party candidate might be the straw which breaks the camel’s back in this election cycles journey toward political extremism.

Over the next 72 hours, millennials could change the tone and tenure of the 2012 Presidential Campaign if they so desire. Amazingly, 10,000 millennials could change the course of the 2012 American presidential campaign.

The choice is yours.