Ron Paul Breaking Up the 'Party:' Why RP Supporters Will Ruin the GOP's Fun in Tampa


While tens of thousands of Ron Paul supporters work hours each day to push forward the fight for liberty, a select group of Republicans see the political process as a very different opportunity. 

While Paul supporters are monumentally becoming involved in the Republican Party in record numbers, the GOP old guard and their friends are just plain frustrated that they don't get to go to the RNC. 

The leadership of the Nevada Paul campaign vowed long ago to only support the candidacy of nNational delegates who caucused February 4, were delegates to their county convention, and elected to attend the state contention. People matching that description had to go through a lot of hard work to make it to the Nevada Republican Convention. 

This breaks with a long held tradition where big money donors to the state GOP were simply put on a slate by insiders that was unanimously rubber stamped by state delegates. 

Those big donors would then go to the RNC where they would rub elbows with other big money donors and politicians at events put on by defense contractors and pharmaceutical lobbyists. Everyone had a good time at an event that was more like a coronation rather than a meeting of the highest legislative body of a national political party. 

In Mitt Romney's home state of Massachusetts, instead of officials being able to send big ticket, old money donors from established families to the RNC as a show of gratitude, the majority of spots were recently captured by a very different group of people. The old money status quo of the party was bumped out of the way and replaced by a dedicated group of Ron Paul ragamuffins. 

Those savage Ron Paul supporters – how dare they treat the highest legislative body of the Republican Party as a time for business? How dare they? How dare they try to insist on the RNC being a place where delegates should responsibly vote their conscience? Don't they realize it's time for fun, lobbying, fundraising, and schmoozing? 

Why can't they just name their price, like everyone else in politics, and see how quickly a high bidder will come along to pay that price? This idealism thing that they are imbued with can get annoying. Because these Ron Paul ragamuffins can't tell when they are and are not welcome.  These big donors and insiders of the GOP will hold a grudge a good long time for these Ron Paul supporters showing up at a party where they are unwanted. There is, after all, a reason they call it the Republican “Party.”

Little do the others know that the ragamuffins could be in the majority in 2012 and at this point there is little the Romney campaign can do to prevent this. They can simply pray that a brokered convention doesn't take place because then the ragamuffins won't just have crashed their party, they will be running their party.