Ron Paul Ends His Campaign? Not Really


Seemingly due to the lack of success in the "beauty contest" popular votes in Republican Primaries, the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign has issued a press release with a statement from Ron Paul stating that the campaign will no longer spend money in fruitless advertising and other campaign expenditures in primary states that have not yet voted.

This change in tactics may point to the slowing-down of campaign fundraising for the campaign, as the grassroots supporters of the Texas congressman feel the financial crunch. Each quarterly statement by the libertarian congressman's campaign has seen lower fundrasing numbers than the previous month. His numbers are still strong, by most counts, but the length of the campaign may be finally dictating the apportionment of those funds.

At any rate, the Ron Paul campaign is still executing its delegate strategy, which so far has proved to be highly successful. While estimates still show presumed nominee and former governor Mitt Romney with a very commanding lead in delegates over the 12-term congressman, more conservative counts based on delegates that have actually been awarded paint the race as being much closer. This is certainly a presidential primary for the history books.

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