Kids Recreating Scenes From This Year's Best Picture Movies Is the Cutest Thing You'll See


Oscar weekend is around the corner, meaning there's not a lot of time to catch up on the top films of the year. But worry not.

To help us catch up on all the movies we didn't see, the good people over at People magazine have put together a very helpful supercut of scenes from the Best Picture nominees — re-enacted by awkward and adorable 8-year-old children.

If child actors didn't all grow up to be nutcases, I'd recommend that Hollywood get these kids some contracts. These are the films that, really, should've been acted by children:

1. 'American Hustle'

Fabulous '70s hairpieces, fake toothbrush mustaches and a bunch of kids mispronouncing the word "conned." Perfection.

2. 'Gravity'

Why sit through three hours of slow space-death with a $17 price tag when you could watch kids giggle and shout "Wooo! Space!" as they float around in Halloween costume space suits for FREE?

The Internet is truly an amazing place.

3. 'Her'

This is the first and only time you will ever hear an 8-year-old say: "I have problems with intimacy," and lie awake trying to come to grips his shallow and largely meaningless existence.

It's also the first time you will laugh very hard at that.

4. '12 Years a Slave'

That was real blood and bone popping through that kid's shoulder blade! There has to be some kind of child labor law that was violated here ... just kidding — this is fun and lighthearted. And it features a dope violin solo.

5. 'Nebraska'

The brilliant hicktown accents and the ridiculous wigs with the trucker hats that aren't big enough to fit over them. It's too much.