Somebody Made a Beyoncé Soundboard and It's #Flawless


If you've ever wanted to be Beyoncé (aka if you are a human being), today is your day. No crazy body–swapping technology was invented, but the next best thing is finally here: Soundboardt.

Soundboardt is a soundboard of the most quotable catchphrases from Beyoncé's mega-hit album Beyoncé. On one beautifully-designed page, three graphic designer superfans have arranged over 20 of the best moments from the album including "I woke up like this," "flawless" and, of course, the viral "surfboart," which inspired the project's name.

You can easily blow 15 minutes — or much more, if you're so inclined — pretending to be Bey. Or you can reimagine the entire album by stringing random soundbytes together ("flawless watermelon"). Of course, it has practical applications, too: Nothing boosts self–esteem like looking in the mirror and hitting the "flawless" button repeatedly.

Naturally, Soundboardt has gone viral all over the Internet. It's a testament to Beyoncé's power that her record has created so many derivative projects. Few albums now are events in the same way Beyoncé was. Even fewer attain the notoriety of how she says "surfboard," even:

Image Credit: Beyoncé

Whatever the reason for the album's success, this soundboard is amazing.