Visual Confirmation That Most People Look Better With Tattoos


Shopped Tattoos is a website that imagines what clean-cut celebrities and historical figures would look like if covered in tattoos.

The fascinating pictures envision an alternate universe where being covered in ink is just like wearing a T-shirt or pair of jeans. The website has gone viral, and with good reason: The images and concept are clearly intriguing. Marilyn Monroe, gracing the silver screen with "Blood Diamond" written across her chest? Jackie Kennedy, sitting for an official photoshoot with flowers down her arms? The idea is cool.

Take a look at some of the beautiful results:

Even Audrey Hepburn, a symbol of timeless elegance, looks stunning decorated in ink. She's still classy as hell, and owns those tats.

The attitude towards tattoos has shifted throughout the generations to a more lenient position, and the very fact that Shopped Tattoos has become so popular shows how young people today regard tattoos in a more mainstream light. Many of these figures represent another era, yet the stigma that has often surrounded a body covered in tattoos doesn't quite translate; many of these people are widely respected and admired, and on their skin, the tattoos become provocative art.

Of course, some images are still a bit silly:

While others are terrifyingly perfect:

Will we one day be so tolerant of ink that we'll accept a tattooed president? Who knows, but Obama does look pretty badass.