Hilarious Video Exposes Everything That's Wrong With College Today

Do you ever feel like your life is going nowhere? YouTube comedian Ryan Higa has the solution.

It’s called EveRy University, and it’s the most brutally honest fictional college peddling wares on the Internet today:

Oh, the agony. The ad hilariously pokes fun at everything that’s made college a dubious investment in the modern age: From the overabundance of required courses completely unrelated to your major, to the exorbitant cost of attendance, Higa misses few targets.

It also hits uncomfortably close to home. Daunting amounts of student loan debt combined with chronic underemployment make the jokes about being an over educated burger-flipper sadly relevant.

By the end, you’re laughing just to keep yourself from crying.

But in many ways, it’s a lose-lose situation. After all, as you’ve no doubt heard, "the only thing more expensive than college is not going to college."

So if you’re feeling stuck, it might be time to just roll the dice on furthering your education. Odds are you will not, not regret it.