This Adorable 5-Year-Old Made the Best Black History Rap Video Ever

Black History Month 2014 is coming to a close, but 5-year-old Heir Jordin is making sure it goes out with a bang.

Aside from having the best MC name since Phil the Agony, the young rapper recently dropped the hottest – and most adorable – Black History rap video you’ve ever seen. Take a look:

Get it, little man. Born Jordin Jackson-Prince to East St. Louis rapper RT-FaQ (née Ramel Prince), young Heir Jordin was asked by his teacher to perform a song – written by his father – for a Black History Month program at school.

"Once the song actually was done, I thought this really was kind of amazing," RT-FaQ told the Riverfront Times. "We needed to get this out so the world can see it. It's not your everyday five-year-old who can do the type of stuff that Jordin can."

Indeed. Cuteness aside, “Proud History” is indeed a powerful tribute to some of black America’s seminal figures. It namedrops everyone from Malcolm X to Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, and draws on the talents of The Great Joint Commission production team and RT-FaQ himself as director.

“I’m excited about the song,” RT-FaQ said, “and [Jordin’s] excited about it. He makes me proud every day.”

A moving conclusion to the month if I've ever seen one.