Watch As Bill O'Reilly Asks Two Women: Are There Downsides to Having a Woman President?


America's favorite conservative TV host is at it again, this time taking a fairly direct shot at women ... in general.

On Wednesday night's episode of The O'Reilly Factor, ole' Papa Bear had two women on his show to answer what he believed was a totally reasonable question:

"There has got to be some downside to having a woman president, right?" O'Reilly asked Kate Obenshain, a republican strategist, and Kirsten Powers, a Fox News Political Analyst. 

Powers, whom O'Reilly assumed had thought about this very much, had the perfect reaction to O'Reilly's initial question:

"Hmm, I'm gonna say no Bill."

Both of O'Reilly's guests tried to take the question in stride and turn the already absurd segment into a more open, almost philosophical discussion of what makes a good president — man or woman — but O'Reilly couldn't get past the very basic idea that men and women are fundamentally different in a way that precludes women from being good world leaders. O'Reilly tried to offer some downsides of male presidents to balance out his line of questioning, but they were mostly B.S. and did little to detract from the already ridiculous path he'd gone down. 

"In general, you both don't see any gender deficiency to lead the free world?" O'Reilly asked, almost shocked that the guests were questioning the validity of his question. 

As the segment went on, both Powers and Obenshain tried to discuss examples of powerful women leaders in American history, but were consistently brushed off by Papa Bear. 

"There haven't been that many strong women leaders throughout history. But when you're president of the United States you have to deal with people like Putin, you have got to deal with the real ornery Mullahs in Iran. Look, the Mullahs in Iran, they think women are like subspecies."

Frankly, it's impressive how calm Powers and Obenshain remained during Wednesday's show. It's also impressive that after all the years, O'Reilly could continue living in this insane fantasy world where whatever he says goes and reality doesn't matter. Sure, feel free to discuss what makes a good president and what quality a person must posses to fill that role. But don't go into the discussion asking questions that writes off half of the human race and expect to get away with it. 

Watch the full clip below: