America's Most Hated Bands, by State


Earlier this week, we revealed your state's favorite band. Mostly, the results made sense — Springsteen for New Jersey, George Strait for Texas — but some were pretty bizarre — Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes for Pennsylvania, for starters. I mean, really, were the creators of that map just polling art school students in Philadelphia?

But now some Tumblr wizard has given us a far more coherent sense of state identity: a map of each state's most hated band:

Image Credit: Tumblr

This is a representation of the least-listened-to artist of the Top 100 on Spotify for each state. That may not sound very scientific (hint: it's not), but the results are actually pretty legit:

There are some random entries: Kansas hates Tupac, which makes sense since there isn't enough concrete out in Kansas for listeners to feel where Pac is coming from. And, of course, Hawaii hates Sufjan.

But then there are some pretty definite regional differences: The East Coast hates country. I've never heard of Jason Aldean, but he's wearing a cowboy hat in every one of his pictures on Google Images, so it makes perfect sense that he's despised in New York. And, despite the fact that all the housewives of Connecticut love watching Blake Shelton on The Voice, they still can't stand to hear him sing.

Things are a little more bitter and focused on in-fighting in the South and Midwest: Missouri is obviously jealous Atlanta got Andre 3000 and Big Boi, while all St. Louis got was Chingy and Nelly.

Alabama seems to hate ch-ch-changes in its politics and music. And the fact Florida loves Rick Ross and hates The Head and the Heart makes complete sense, because even Mozart and Rick Ross have more in common than The Head and the Heart and Rick Ross.

If these maps prove one thing, though, it's that nothing brings states together like a good healthy hatred for R. Kelly.