Jennifer Lawrence Already Tripped and Fell at the Oscars


In 2013, when Jean Dujardin presented the award for Best Actress at the Academy Awards, he described the nominees as "graceful." Turns out he was wrong. Very wrong.

Jennifer Lawrence won that award, and famously tripped as she climbed the stairs to claim it. It was charming, and basically announced to the world that Jennifer Lawrence could do no wrong. This includes that time tonight when Lawrence tripped at the Oscars. Again.

It almost seems to good to be true — that first fall was great PR, could it really have been an accident again this time? It is our professional opinion that these trips are 100% genuinely awkward and charming. She seems blessed with a poor sense of balance and an excellent sense of humor.

In fact, you can tell that tonight's trip was authentic because she goes down clawing at the back of the actress in front of her. And for confirmation, observe the usher who helplessly raises her arms as if to say "Really? Again." Yes, again. Because Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong.

As she would say: