One Company Pretty Much Sponsored That Viral Photo Ellen Took Last Night


The big winner of last night's Oscars wasn't Matthew McConaughey or Cate Blanchett, or even host Ellen Degeneres. It was Samsung, which pretty much engineered the entire ceremony to be a weird ad for their new line of phones with more than five minutes of airtime and two on-camera selfies taken with a Galaxy Note 3.

First was this selfie, taken on-stage during the ceremonies:

Then, this amazing selfie — the most-retweeted thing ever — taken in the audience during the broadcast:

Wrap it up, selfie-takers of America, you're done. When future generations learn about selfies in their history books, that will be the encyclopedia image. That tweet devastated former record-holder President Obama, whose 2012 election victory post previously held the title:

But maybe Samsung shouldn't be too positive on the ROI of their presumably gargantuan bill for sponsoring much of the festivities. The real winner might be Twitter itself, which received 14.7 million tweets over 3.5 hours, less than the 2014 Super Bowl's 24.7 million but more than all but one of the peak tweets-per-minute instances of the Sochi Olympics. And savvy social media users pointed out that minutes after touting Samsung on camera, Ellen and her staff were back to using an iPhone backstage: