Glee, Bones, NCIS: It's Season Finale Week and I Missed the Whole Season!


It’s that week, that week where all our favorite shows have season finales, and keep us wondering all summer -- yearning for more. As I sit here watching the Glee finale, (loving every minute of it and singing along,) I realize, crap! I haven’t watched it all season! I was too busy doing homework and attending my kid’s soccer and karate practices. I didn’t get to watch and just as I begin to have time for television viewing, the season ends.

I missed out on all the television drama, and of course I would have much rather watched my shows than spent my time writing papers, reading monotonous chapters, and understanding what the great philosophers brought to the table. But honestly, being a couch potato does not really suit me. Don’t get me wrong, I love those days when I have nothing to do (wait …do these exist?), but I do not have time to sit and watch all these shows, every week, all season long.

About two years ago, we had a satellite dish -- it got expensive, and we decided that we needed to cut some of our monthly costs; so we decided to eliminate the service. It was hard, but we did it. Our daughters freaked because they could no longer watch all their Nickelodian and Disney shows. I couldn’t watch my favorites like NCIS, Bones, or Glee and my husband was unable to keep up with his beloved sports teams.

Truth be told, once we got over the initial shock, I didn’t really miss it. We used Netflix to watch our favorite shows and movies. But overall, we picked a great time to be without; since it was election season we were able to miss -all the political bash ads and election coverage. Not that we didn’t pay attention at all, because believe me I have an obsession with the web. This lack of TV, also forced me to become more diligent in learning about these politicians and what they stood for. It forced me to find information sources beyond the tube.

Fast forward to approximately six months ago when we decided to get basic cable. It’s fairly inexpensive and we get the local channels, and yes, the kids still complain aboutmissing out on their favorites but we get the news, and can keep up on the details.  Although, most weeks, if I realized it was Monday night and my Bones was on, I’d grab my diet Pepsi, my beloved cell phone and hop on my bed for some uninterrupted Bones time. My family knew that I was not to be disturbed unless there was a dire emergency.

So why do I have this obsession with the season finales? I decided to go back to school this past fall after having taken many (ahem) years off. This meant that I had much less time to spend doing things I enjoy, like watching my favorite TV shows, and reading books. I just finished my second semester at Thomas College, made Dean’s List twice and am desperately in need of some relaxation. Summer break is now upon me, and I find myself looking for things to do. Catching up on my sleep and relaxation while watching useless television sounds great … but my shows are done! How can this be?

The reality is that my family hopes to spend some time doing outdoor activities, fingers crossed that our Maine weather cooperates and we can do some beaching and playing outside. It looks like I just might have to wait to get caught up on my shows. Oh well, I guess I’ve come to the realization that in all actuality, TV is not critical to my life. Sorry favorite shows and season finales. Maybe next year?