5 Ways Millennials Can Combat Corruption


Transparency International's corruption index shows that corruption is increasing in the developing nations. With cases of corruption rife all over the world, youth of the 21st century cannot remain sidelined from joining against it. It is important that youths get involved in the fight against the corruption. 

Here are 5 ways how millennials can combat corruption.

1. Awareness: Awareness is one of the foremost things needed to combat corruption. Youth should largely be able to weigh the disadvantages of corruption and subsequently adopt strict measures to combat corrupt activities. Youths can largely contribute to control corruption by launching various anti-corruption campaigns and thus promote the basic notion that the root to development is the transparency.

2. Network: Working together can be effective and fun. A wide network of youths both local as well as global if join together to curb corruption than that can greatly contribute in shaping a corruption free society. A single effort may not do anything but collective effort will definitely make some changes. But united effort to fight against is what can really make a difference.  

3. Transparency: More and more educated youths should be involved in the politics and  they should be transparent enough. If transparent youth join politics they could be the real agent of social change.

4. Be honest: Honesty, in words and action, to oneself and to others, is another best way to fight against corruption. Being honest means being true to oneself. If we are true to oneself there is no reason to lie and no reason to be involved in corruption.

5. Using new media: Use of new media could really help in fighting against corruption. Different campaigns could be launched to fight against corruption. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter could be the best mediums which youths can resort to report on the corrupt action. These mediums contribute in spreading the news readily and so ultimately create a pressure to punish the wrongdoers. Since more youths are into using social networking their role in the new age of technology is to fight with social anomalies through latest technological advancements.