'Drunk In Love' Emoji Video Is Pretty Much Exactly What It Feels Like to Drunk Text


At this point, it feels like Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love" video has been reinterpreted more times than most Greek myths. It seems a hallmark of Internet culture that, when we love something, we need an infinite number of ways to express that love; it isn't enough to keep listening to "Drunk In Love," we have to see it covered, remixed, soundboarded, grammyed and, most recently, reimagined in a super-viral video told entirely in emojis. "Why?" you ask. "Why not!" roars the Internet:

The video is pretty hilarious and creative in its retelling of "Drunk In Love" entirely in emoji icons from text messages. "I been thinkin'" becomes the "..." box from iMessage:

"I can't keep my fingers off it" culminates in an image of an eggplant (creative license):

Jay-Z seems to be represented by the emoji for a British Queen's Guard (why does this emoji even exist?):

And, of course, there is an emoji for surfbort:

In the past few days, the video has been cropping up all over the Internet. In part, this is because this song was, and continues to be, insanely popular. But it's also a good litmus for how we engage with pop music today.

If we were Beyoncé texting Jay-Z, this is probably what our emoji conversations would look like (in addition to exchanges like "sup?" "still famous, u?" "same"). It's a celebration of a whole new expressive system, and a winking reinterpretation of a song about an inaccessibly decadent night through the language most of us use to drunkenly express very little at all.

That's why it's funny — it's creative, and it's new, but it's also a humorous way of bringing this song out of the stratosphere and into the listener's life.