7 Ways to Enjoy the Summer on a 9 to 5 Schedule


This is my first summer in the "real world", which I've learned no longer includes lounging on the beach all day, swimming, or holding weekly barbeques like it did for the past 18 years of my life. With my tight schedule consisting of a college credit class, 9 to 5 internship, and PolicyMic's journalism bootcamp, it is hard to stay positive in my scavenging for any free time. It is important to utilize your summer and all opportunities outside of the office, and here are some great ways on how to do it.

1. Plan a One Day Adventure: 

Many websites like excitations.com or Groupon have great deals on amazing excursions right in your backyard. Carve out a Saturday afternoon to go behind the scenes at an aquarium, drive on a NASCAR race track, ride the rapids, or learn to make sushi.

2. Be Active and Outside as Much as Possible: 

Capitalize on late sunsets and warm weather for a few hours after you return home from work. Play a game of frisbee, take your dog for a run, do yoga, or ride your bike around your neighborhood. Things to avoid: cars, trains, buses, and stuffy cubicles.

3. Go Yard Sailing or Have a Yard Sale of Your Own:


Summer is the perfect opportunity to get rid of your outdated and unwanted items in your home, and you will get the most foot traffic in such warm weather. Do not have the time to sort through your things? Every day, search in a different nook of your room/apartment/house and put a few things you no longer use into a box. After putting aside even just one item per day, you are guaranteed to have a multitude of items to sell before the summer comes to a close.

4. Do a DIY Project: 

Putting effort into crafting or building something you are passionate about is proven to put your mind at ease and release any stress you have taken home with you from work. There is an overwhelming amount of bloggers with thousands of ways you can use your hands to make some beautiful creations, fix something you've always been meaning to, or build something new.

5. Eat Many "Summertime" Foods:


Many summer food items are very quick and easy to make - freshly picked fruits, caprese salad, or corn on the cob for instance - and they are only around for a limited time. You will really learn to appreciate summer with these fresh food picks, and with the sun setting later, you can even barbeque! 

6. Read PolicyMic!

(You should do that all the time)

7. Last, But Certaintly not Least, Relax! 


Finish your work early on the weekends so you can brew yourself a pot of herbal tea, turn off your phone, and read a good book. It is important for your body to rest from your arduous and chaotic week and to prepare for the days ahead. Make some time for you each weekend!