Ron Paul Controls Nevada GOP: Romney Fights Back, Creates Secret Party Loyal Only to Him


In a stunning turn of events, Mitt Romney and the RNC are abandoning the Nevada GOP. A national GOP insider was quoted as saying, “Essentially we’re (Romney) setting up a shadow state party.” Wait. What? A shadow state party? What does that even mean?

The term shadow in front of an entity such as a party or government is used to imply that the real power is not within the visible entity. Rather, the power brokers are working behind the scenes in lieu of the figureheads out front. This sounds like a Mel Gibson movie doesn’t it? 

All this time, the Romney campaign would have you believe that it was the Ron Paul people that were wacked out conspiracy nuts. Now before you go getting all defensive, Romulans, the term shadow party came from your people.

My concern here, and this should be everyone’s concern as well, is that the RNC and Mitt Romney are basically saying that if you follow the rules and beat them at their own game, they will simply create a new system, on the fly, to bypass you. Just a couple of weeks ago, Ron Paul supporters seized control of the Nevada GOP and the national delegation to Tampa. Romney’s response? A shadow party….

Here’s a question for Mitt Romney supporters: If this little faction of Ron Paul supporters taking over a state here or there is inconsequential, then why create this new group at all? Surely, you aren’t concerned that it may be too late for you to recover from the grassroots movement in half the states of our country? Right?

Next thing you know they’ll try to take over the internet. Or worse, maybe they’ll pass a law allowing the President to indefinitely detain, torture, and assassinate Americans. That couldn’t happen, could it?