Ron Paul Supporters Won't Fall for Gary Johnson Weird Watermelon Political Ad (+Video)


Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president, has released a web ad in which a watermelon explodes on screen.

The spot “This is our America,” starts with a watermelon (which is supposed to symbolize the United States) over a dark background while elevator-type music sounds in the background and a message reads “This is what Democrats and Republicans have done to it” right before the fruit explodes spectacularly, leaving the query “any questions?”

The spot then proposes a “revolutionary idea” (Ron Paul Revolution anyone?) while the video rewinds and the watermelon is reconstructed to the words “Let’s stop electing the same problem again and again,” and “We’ve seen what they (Democrats and Republicans) can do.”

The unorthodox campaign ad then proceeds to feature libertarian Gary Johnson “the people’s president,” by highlighting the candidate’s accomplishments such as “vetoing wasteful spending 750 times as governor” and "leaving the state (of New Mexico) with a $1 billion surplus.” All while the same creepy elevator music keeps playing.

Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico and low-key 2012 Republican presidential candidate, captured the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination in May but there are few indicators that his bid will draw any support from supporters of libertarian Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul who, despite having stopped actively spending money on his presidential campaign, continues to accrue delegates on the road to the GOP convention in Tampa.