Tinder Now Verifying Celebrity Accounts, So Yes, That's Really Ashton Kutcher


It turns out celebrities are just as incapable of finding love as the rest of us.

More and more lonely (or bored) celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Kennedy and Sochi Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson, have been turning to Tinder to find love, only to find themselves being turned down by common folk who think their profiles are fake. And nothing is more demoralizing to a celebrity than being turned down by a commoner.

Image Credit: Instagram

So they raised their concerns with the creators of the app. "It was awesome [to know celebrities are on Tinder] because it sort of validated our theories that everyone, even people of influence, need help forming relationships," co-founder Sean Rad told TIME. "It's important to us that our users know we are committed to authenticity on every level."

To solve this problem, the dating app is rolling out a verification process for celebrities. It will likely function very similarly to the blue checkmarks on Twitter. This change will do two things: It will help celebrities find other celebrities, so they can continue to date within their class. And, if a celebrity deigns to mingle with the commoners, it will ensure the power dynamics are clear before the date begins.

Rad would not reveal which celebrities are having dating trouble, but said they were definitely "A-listers." Of course, this doesn't really address how Lindsay Lohan was recently paired with her brother accidentally, but companies can only grow so fast. And now Lohan, Ashton Kutcher (he's engaged and loves technology, so he's probably just exploring) and the rest of the celebrities on Tinder can take comfort in the fact that they were turned down because of who they really are, not because people think they're secretly psychopaths.