5 Take Aways From Google Knowledge Graph: How Will it Change SEO?


Google has announced the release of the new Google Knowledge Graph, which has already started to be used by the search engine's users. 

This will revolutionize the way we search on the web, since it does not work like the current Universal Search, which was released in 2007. 

Now, instead of focusing on the target words in your search, the engine will focus on concepts to help you find the most relevant information about your query. 

The project has been in the works for two years, and will bring some great new changes to how we utilize our searches.


Here are five ways in which in which this new search tool will change how we use Google:

 1) More Efficient Searches

Since the Knowledge Graph will focus on things and not words, searches will be broken down to eliminate the ambiguities that language can hold. If your are searching something that can be a person, a place, and a thing, the Knowledge Graph will show you the different options so that you can refine your search based on exactly what you need. According to Google’s official blog, “There are more 500 million objects, and 3.5 billion facts about and relationships between these different objects.”

 2) Panel Next to Your Web Results

In the place where ads are normally shown, there will now be a panel that will give you more information about your search. A search on a person could include things like the date of birth, height, where the person was born, their parents, their children, and their accomplishments.

 3) “People also search for”

Below the panel, there will be a “People also search for” area, where there will be recommendations of other similar things that people typically search based on your query. For instance, if you are looking up “The Beatles,” the recommendations will include The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, and so on.

4) Change the Way Mobile Devices and Tablets Search

The Knowledge Graph will also be available smart phones and tablets. For Androids, it will be available through the browser and Quick Search Box. On iOS, it will be available in the browser, and will come soon to the Google Search App. Searching for a quick question will be much faster and easier with the Knowledge Graph.

5) New, Exciting Information 

The new features will give you information that is relevant to your search, and that it feels are things that people would normally wonder when looking something up. It will focus on the relationships of the things, not just the most relevant hits to the target words in your search. This will help you discover more, and adds a new element that is described as the move from “information engine to a knowledge engine.”