The 'Game of Thrones' Recap Video Every Fan Should Watch Before Starting the New Season


April 6 is coming. And you better be ready.

If your memory has gotten fuzzy since the third season of Game of Thrones ended last June (though why you haven't been using your spare time to study every episode thus far, I don't know), never fear: This new recap of the show will help get you up to speed: 

Sure, it's probably one of the longest recaps ever, clocking in at 25 minutes, but this is Game of Motherf*ckin' Thrones. And Game of Thrones is epic. So epic that a paltry 10-minute or 15-minute recap would not even begin to scratch the surface, oh no.

No show is bigger and more intimidating than this Gordian Knot of characters, plots, stratagems, secret motivations, backstabbings and intrigue. This epic recap intersperses epic scenes from the show with epic actor interviews, who describe their epic character's epic whereabouts, feelings and motivations. 

If you can name half the characters in the opening shots then you're in pretty good shape. If you can't, carve out the time before April 6. I don't care that it's long.

Sacrifice some sleep if you have to; Game of Thrones is plotted better than your dreams.