Innovative High School Used Justin Bieber as a Weapon for a Good Cause — And It Worked


In the midst of his increasingly unsympathetic downward spiral, Justin Bieber has become such a tremendously repulsive force that school systems have begun to use his music to keep their students on task. 

Let me run that back. Educational institutions are playing pop music — Bieber's pop music — to get students to do what they want. This guy:

Image Credit: Instagram

Student organizers at a high school in Washington came up with an innovative plan to raise money for charity. They took control of the school's PA system and played Bieber's "Baby" on loop during lunch and in between classes, telling students that the music would only stop if they managed to get together $500 to support a struggling school in Ghana.

The music lasted less than a day. The Washington school system far exceeded their goal. By Tuesday afternoon, students had raised over $1,000. Students campaigned hard, taking donations from other sympathetic Bieber-loathers in the community. A local radio station donated $500 to save the children from becoming Beliebers.

But this is really the definitive sign of the BiebApocalypse.

Bieber's own demographic is turning on him. Soon, he will melt into cultural obscurity just like his wax statue before him. He'll existing merely as a pop culture boogeyman — scaring kids straight into avoiding drugs, driving safely and donating to worthwhile charities. It's depressing as hell.

But it may be good news for the rest of society. Imagine the good this kind of anti-Bieber crowdsourcing could do on a large scale. If all our radio stations refused to play nothing but Bieber on loop until everyone cleaned up their city's parks, or donated a certain amount of food to a homeless shelter, our world could be such a beautiful place.