Supercut of 1001 Movies to See Before You Die Is Film School in 10 Minutes


For all those regretting not taking that film studies elective in college, YouTube user Jonathan Keogh has compiled this epic supercut of the "1001 Movies to See Before You Die." It crams a whole semester's worth of important scenes and quotes into just over 10 minutes, often featuring as many as 25 films onscreen at once.

It's total subliminal nostalgia. One memorable movie snippet will inspire a fleeting, heartwarming reaction before being swapped out with an additional 15. Check it out:

Classics like The Godfather and The Shining feature heavily, but it's also got plenty of comedies, Hollywood blockbusters and even a few popular movies that probably don't deserve to be included (*cough* Star Wars prequels *cough*). 

Philip Seymour Hoffman gets an awesome shout out at around 2:30, his "Shut Up" tirade from Punch Drunk Love the only scene to last longer than five seconds. There's a section splicing together all the major robot apocalypse films, the horror films and another chock-full of classic burlesque seduction scenes. 

It's kind of like surveying the entire spectrum of human creativity in a single sitting, and it's awesome.