My Theory of What Happened the Night Trayvon Martin Was Killed


On Wednesday, Trayvon Martin’s official autopsy report prepared by the medical examiner in Volusia County, Fla., determined that he died from a single gunshot wound to the chest fired at “intermediate range.”

Ever since that fateful February night, the world has been wondering what really happened to the 17-year-old boy, and this new finding brings some more details to the case.

The medical examiner also found one other fresh injury on Trayvon, a small abrasion, no more than a quarter-inch in size, on his left ring finger below his knuckle. 

While the evidence may seem to suggest that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, and Zimmerman may have been acting in self-defense, it is important not to jump the gun; instead, place yourself in Trayvon’s shoes.

Though we may be years removed from the days of civil rights marches and boycotts, African-Americans are still subconsciously discriminated against and considered troublemakers. Consider this: If a black man walked into a room filled with white people, he’s more likely to be watched more closely than a man of any other race. People would pay more attention to him; though people of all races and colors commit crimes, blacks are generally considered the first suspects. In the African-American community, we’re constantly trying to show and prove that we’re as poised as our white counterparts. It’s not a matter of trying to feel superior, but rather,  trying to prove that I’m NOT what society thinks I am or may be.

Many of the facts coming out of latest news reports sound shady. On March 26, Fox News reporter Sean Hannity conducted an interview with Shannon Butler, a Fox 35 News reporter, and Joe Oliver, a friend of Zimmerman. During this interview, they play a clip of an unidentified man stating that he saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman beating him up while Zimmerman screamed for help. The man said that he then went upstairs to call 911 but when he looked out his window, Trayvon was lying in the grass and he believed he was dead. Keep in mind, this is supposedly the only actual eyewitness to the confrontation. Every other witness to the case heard the confrontation, but didn’t actually see it happening. A few days after that interview, it was reported that an anonymous man reported to the police that he saw the gunman walking away from the fight uninjured. But, according to Zimmerman’s family doctor on the day after the incident, he suffered a likely broken nose), swelling, two black eyes, and cuts to his scalp because Trayvon beat his head on the concrete. How could Zimmerman have taken such a vicious beating, yet look completely fine on the police surveillance video? There’s not a stain on him.

After listening to the 911 call, I devised a theory for what happened that night. I believe Trayvon was walking home from the store minding his own business, but being mindful of his surroundings. Zimmerman saw him and automatically assumed he was up to no good because he fit the description of those who have been terrorizing the neighborhood. Determined to be a superhero, George called 911. You can hear George’s hostility in certain things he says. I believe Trayvon noticed him watching and following him and decided to book it home to avoid anything. George began to follow him until the 911 operator told him not to. At this point, he continues the call normally but obviously decided to follow Trayvon anyways. 

According to Trayvon’s girlfriend who was on the phone with Trayvon as he walked home, Zimmerman walked up to Trayvon. Trayvon asked, “Why are you following me?” and George said, “What are you doing around here?” She said she then heard someone push Trayvon because the headset dropped and the call ended. I believe that’s when the fighting started and Trayvon went H.A.M., as our generation says, on Zimmerman, throwing punches left and right. I do not doubt that Trayvon got some licks in because I wouldn’t just let anyone mistreat me either. George Zimmerman’s true colors showed and he finally shot one of those, as he says at about 1:55 of his 911 call, “F-ing coons” that were terrorizing his neighborhood.

But he didn’t quite think his decision out. That’s why the unidentified witness said he saw George looking worried with his hands on his forehead. Mary Cutcher heard the confrontation from her home and said, “The cries [for help] stopped as soon as the gun went off, so I knew it was the little boy.” Some say that the cries were from Zimmerman, but it’s been proven otherwise. Only God, Trayvon, and Zimmerman know what truly happened that night. All I know for sure is that some things just don’t add up.