Saudi Men Parody the First Kiss Video, and It's Even More Awkward Than You Imagine


Last week, after the "First Kiss" video went viral, word spread that it was actually an ad campaign for a small clothing company.

The video has since gotten over 62 million views and has sparked incredible parodies, including a "real" (and cringeworthy) version from VICE using non-models, Jimmy Fallon's version using puppies and kittens and the more NSFW parody "First Handjob" from L.A.-based sketch comedy troupe Pimm's Girl.

But now there's a Saudi parody, showing what it would be like to get a bunch of (presumably) straight men to participate in a similar scenario, but instead of kissing, they are touching noses (a greeting sometimes used between men in some parts of the Arab world).

Like the original video, it starts out awkward. But unlike the original video, it stays incredibly awkward. 

At 2:31, one of the participants sums up what seems to be the theme of the experience: "This is getting weird, man."

The hilarious video was made by UTURNent, an online Saudi entertainment channel. For more videos from the group, check out their YouTube channel (while this video has English subtitles, most of the others do not).

UPDATED 3/20/2013

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