What Obama's NCAA Picks Reveal About His Political Agenda

Barack Obama filling out his presidential bracket during his visit to ESPN

In case you haven't heard, President Obama continued the tradition of releasing his NCAA March Madness bracket this morning on ESPN. Although it’s no secret the President is an avid basketball fan, some people are suggesting that there’s more to his picks than just sports.

After all, isn’t every move the President of The United States makes vetted by a team of high-powered, Scandal-esque political operatives who are exceedingly good at chess?

Image credit: ESPN

#1 University of Arizona Goes to The Final Four

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The fact that President Obama is giving the University of Arizona a spot in the Final Four has everything to do with comprehensive immigration reform, baby. It's an olive branch to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and chronic sun burn victim Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who are no doubt happy about the President's show of love for the Wildcats, and a shout out to Arizona Senator John McCain, who's the president's ally on immigration reform.

Since the GOP is still struggling to form a part consensus on the issue, the President clearly sees the tournament as another opportunity to make headway for the Democratic party.

#12 Arizona State upsets #7 Texas

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Now, why did President Obama choose the #12 seeded Arizona State Sun Devils to upset the #7 seeded Texas Longhorns in the first round? Think it’s the same reason that he bet on the University of Arizona? Well, think AGAIN. And then AGAIN. And then think one more time. Because while you may think this pick is about immigration reform, what the President is really doing is shoring up support for the ACLU.

In fact, just yesterday the ACLU asked an appeals court to strike down a controversial 2006 ARIZONA law denying bail to illegal immigrants. And since the ACLU has criticized the White House over NSA spying, it’s as clear as the glass in the CNN Newsroom that Obama’s choice of ASU over Texas is a nothing more than politically calculated move to win support from the ACLU and its network of civil liberties aficionados before the 2014 midterms.

#1 Florida to The Final Four

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If you say the word Florida in Washington DC everyone know you’re talking about politics. Well, President Obama said the word Florida four times on his bracket. Is the DNC reminding Florida voters who has their best interests at heart?

#12 Harvard? Really?

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It's no secret that President Obama went to Harvard Law School. It’s also no secret that Harvard sucks at basketball. With Obama being out of a job in a couple years, could the President of the United States be using his bully basketball pulpit to lobby for a job as the next President of Harvard?

#4 Louisville in the Finals

The President picked the underdog Louisville Cardinals to upset # 1 seed Wichita State and the legendary basketball powerhouse Duke. So, what’s really behind these upset picks by President Obama? Perhaps one is a not so subtle reference to Democratic ROOKIE Alison Lundergan Grimes upsetting POLITICAL number one seed Mitch McConnell in the 2014 midterms?! The other? Well, that's a clear pat on the back for Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear as one of the few southern Governors to embrace Obamacare.

President Obama likes to play basketball, but he likes to play politics even more.