Watch This 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Solve a Nearly Impossible Puzzle With a Wild Guess


A Wheel of Fortune contestant just pulled off the most amazing win in game show history.

With $45,000 on the line, just two letters on the board and the decidedly unhelpful clue that the phrase in question was a 'thing,' it wasn't looking good for Emil.

With seconds to go, the board looked like this:

For those of you unfamiliar with Wheel of Fortune, it's basically hangman, but with a lot of money up for grabs and no nooses. Participants are given a handful of letters, a category under which the word fits and then the chance to guess at additional letters. 

All of the letters Emil guessed were wrong. But when the clock started ticking, he tossed the random phrase "new baby buggy" seemingly out of nowhere.

And he was right

Talk about performing under pressure. Emil completely loses it after his win. He looks about as surprised as everyone else in the audience.

Even the unflappable Vanna is surprised when he gets it:

"Holy shit."

Pat is speechless:


Right there with you, Pat.