Ron Paul Supporters Continue 2012 Revolution and the Weekend Top 4 Ron Paul Media Stories


Now that the mainstream media seems to have taken notice of Ron Paul's revolution, stories about the libertarian champion seem to be popping up from news outlets every week. 

Here's this weekend's recap with stories from a variety of oulets from Politico to the Houston Chronicle. After all, it seems the Revolution will be indeed televised. 

1. Politico:

Tagline: “Ron Paul started what his supporters call a revolution. Now, that revolution is threatening to march on without him.”

Thesis: “In what amounts to public pleading with his passionate supporters, Paul’s campaign has made clear that he wants them to tamp down the rhetoric, and to be respectful of Mitt Romney at the national convention in August when Romney is crowned the GOP nominee. That isn’t sitting well with some Paulites, who have made their anger clear on message boards and in videos over the past week.”


Tagline: "Ron Paul’s strategy is to control the GOP 'from the inside out.'"

Thesis: “Freshman state Rep. Kurt Bills, a Rosemount High School economics teacher, is widely considered the frontrunner in a three-way race for the Senate endorsement at the state Republican convention Friday. ‘Although the situation is fluid, most people say Kurt Bills is the favorite because he has the support of the Ron Paul crowd, and they are going to play a major role at the convention.’" 

3. Houston Chronicle:

Tagline: "I hasten to add that Ron Paul's not running again (for Congress)."

Thesis: “When Republican congressional hopeful Randy Weber knocks on doors in Ron Paul's hometown and says he'd like to take "Dr. No's" place in Washington, he offers a caveat. Weber, 58, is one of nine Republicans vying for the party's nomination in Paul's congressional district, which includes Lake Jackson, where the 76-year-old Paul delivered hundreds of babies as an obstetrician, sends out holiday cookbooks with his wife Carol, and goes jogging or biking along Oyster Creek Drive."

4. NPR:

Tagline: “In the race for the Republican presidential nomination, only one candidate remains to challenge presumptive nominee Mitt Romney: Texas Rep. Ron Paul.”

Thesis: "Even Paul has said he will no longer campaign in states that have yet to hold their primaries. And Paul has always been considered a long shot to win. But that hasn't deterred many of his hard-core supporters, including the Silicon Valley billionaire who has bankrolled the SuperPAC backing Paul. Peter Thiel is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and co-founder of PayPal. He hit the jackpot again when he gave Mark Zuckerberg the money to launch Facebook. Thiel's half-million dollar Facebook investment is now worth more than $1 billion. His success and his smarts have made him a virtual rock star in Silicon Valley."