This Man Proves All Great Pop Music Is Universal With One Video


Pop music is a strange genre. The name stays the same, but the music is drastically different depending on when it's released. But one thing is true of all great pop songs: Though they're rooted in a definite time period, they are, in fact, universally catchy. 

It turns out, then, that "Dark Horse" is a truly great pop song.

A few days ago, the lead singer from the hard rock band Set The Charge took to YouTube to sing Kay Perry's "Dark Horse" in 20 different pop styles, each one 10 seconds long. His impressions of legends like Michael Jackson, N'Sync and Run D.M.C. are scarily accurate. Each offers an incredibly inventive and accurate reinterpretation of the song.

It turns out that if any of these 19 other artists had conceived of the song first, it would have been a hit. That just proves "Dark Horse" is well-written. Its feeling and message and can be easily reconfigured and any set in any era, because good music is universal.